This handwoven yoga mat is made from organic cotton that's dyed in vetiver, turmeric, and pomegranate shells. It's natural rubber undercoating gives it a strong floor grip. It's designed to create the right space for a concentrated yoga practice.

Godhuli Yoga Mat

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  • The Godhuli (pali: Go+Dhuli: Go meaning cow and Dhuli meaning dust) is handwoven in organic cotton and dyed in the herbs vetiver, turmeric, and pomegranate shells. 


    Vetiver, a cooling and stress relieving agent in Ayurveda, cleanses the system internally and improves concentration during practice. Turmeric acts as an antiseptic and keeps the mat clean. Pomegranate shells balance the doshas and is good to breathe in during practice.


    Like all Yogastra mats, the Godhuli has a natural rubber coating on the underside keeping it stable and slippage-free during practice. Grip-lines provide extra grip for the hands and feet. 


    Yogastra mats work well with sweat. Unlike rubber mats, the Yogastra mat absorbs the sweat making the grip even stronger.