Eye pillows made from raw silk, filled with vetiver and flax seeds. These can be placed on the eyes during shavasana or any other time for a calming, relaxing experience. The vetiver creates the aroma and the flax seeds put a light pressure on the eyes for the vagus nerve to release the endorphins that relax your body and mind. 

Eye Pillow

  • Yogastra eye pillows are made of natural raw silk and are filled with vetiver and flax seeds.


    Vetiver is used in Ayurveda as a stress reliever and to cure insomnia.


    When you keep the Yogastra eye pillow on your eyes, the light pressure on the eyeballs stimulates the vagus nerve, lowering your heart rate and helping you relax more deeply. And as you breathe, the aroma from vetiver enters your energy system further relaxing and calming you down.


    Yogastra eye pillow can be used during Savansana, before sleeping or at any other time of the day - at work or at home.